Creamy Banana Nut Fruit & Nut Bar (Protein)


6 Bars in package ($2.00 per bar).

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Creamy Banana Nut (Protein) is a delicious fruit & nut bar prepared with almonds, dates and your protein of choice.  Each bar has a burst of natural banana cream flavor, combined with banana chips and chopped pecans.

(Ingredients Included in ALL Bars: Deglet Noor Pitted Dates, Protein (option selected), Almond Butter, Almonds, Natural Banana Flavor, Pecans, Banana Chips)


(Nutrition Facts: Nutrition values of UR Snacks will vary, based on the ingredients you select.  A label for UR Snacks will be provided once packaged)

Protein: Each package of Fruit & Nut Bars contains a minimum of 7-10g of protein based on ingredients selected.

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Weight 10 oz


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